Logic AV Products

AV Accessories crafted around Innovation Logic AV was introduced to bridge the gap between cost-effective yet superior AV accessories in the market. Incepted in the year 2006, the Logic AV brand has since brought about a paradigm shift in the accessories segment. With innovation and functionality in mind, the brand has a large product listing of accessories required for system integration. Right from projectors to wall mounts and cable managers, the exhaustive list of products make integration both seamless and consistent. Logic AV has refined the quality of their products to meet international standards while continuously providing the best services with their expertise.

Today, Logic AV is a global industry leader of premium quality and precisely calibrated AV integration products. The brand is committed to crafting and investing in latest technology and creating products that meet the highest international standards. The unique audio-video solutions offerings include Projector Screens, Projector Mounts, Cables, AV Cables, Projector Replacement Lamps, Display Mounts, Presenters, Faceplates, Switchers, Splitters and Call Centre Headsets

LED Logic Displays

Reinventing The World Of LED Displays! Logic Displays is a brand that focuses on supplying intuitive and immersive LED displays. They provide creative end-to-end display solutions to suit various environments. They have display solutions for various verticals like meeting rooms, conference rooms, command & control centers, home cinemas, and retail. With one of the biggest experience centers in the country, the brand is bringing forth a new revolution in digital walls and introducing the world to LED display solutions for an enhanced visual experience.

The brand is committed to discovering innovative displays solutions that will leave the audience mesmerised. It harbours an extensive in-house technical team that is equipped to provide comprehensive LED displays to suit individual requirements. Logic Displays, as a brand, empowers and propels the human imagination to seek more. With a premium range of end-to-end display solutions that breathe a new life into homes, offices, business, and retail the brand is all set to redefine and reinvent the world of displays with digital walls.