We design and create intuitive environments wherein we seamlessly integrate technology to enhance the experience of the surrounding. With immersive displays, integration of audio-video conferencing and lighting systems, we can build the best of boardroom and collaborative workspaces for a productive environment.


Boardroom room is the place in a company’s office where the brains of the company join, usually to accomplish a common goal for the benefit of the company as a whole. Meetings and consultations between different aspects of the business come together inside the boardroom room to make sure that they are constantly working together to progress the business and its processes.

Online Instruments specializes in designing meeting rooms that are well-equipped with complete and advanced facilities and systems that results in top class discussion and learning environment.


Experience seamless AV integration in our state-of-the-art meeting rooms, designed to enhance productivity and collaboration. Our advanced audiovisual solutions ensure impactful meetings and presentations while cutting-edge technology sparks creativity and drives productivity. Elevate your office environment with our top-of-the-line meeting room solutions.


Digital cafeterias are an innovative, progressive way to correspond any type of electronic message to customers consistently.

Online Instruments utilizes an innovative, unconventional platform to introduce content with engaging visuals and educate guests in the most advanced way possible by taking advantage of the digital signage hardware and software platform.

The flexibility, versatility and ease of usability provided by Online Instruments makes it feasible for any type of user to manipulate and frequently manage content.