AV Program Manager

No of Positions to be Hired: 5

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced AV Program Manager to join our team. As the AV Program Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the planning, execution, and successful delivery of audiovisual (AV) projects and programs. Your role will involve managing cross-functional teams, coordinating resources, and ensuring the timely and efficient implementation of AV solutions.


  • Project Planning and Execution: Develop and manage project plans, budgets, and timelines for AV programs. Coordinate with stakeholders to ensure alignment with project goals and objectives. Monitor project progress, identify potential risks, and implement mitigation strategies.
  • Team Management: Lead and motivate cross-functional teams involved in AV projects, including AV technicians, engineers, designers, and vendors. Provide guidance, mentorship, and support to team members, fostering a collaborative and high-performing work environment.
  • Resource Allocation: Collaborate with internal departments and external partners to allocate resources effectively, including equipment, personnel, and budget. Ensure optimal utilization of resources to meet project requirements and deliverables.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Act as the primary point of contact for project stakeholders, including clients, vendors, and internal teams. Communicate project status, resolve issues, and manage expectations to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Quality Assurance: Implement quality control measures to ensure AV systems meet industry standards and client expectations. Conduct regular inspections and tests to verify system performance and troubleshoot any issues that arise during project implementation.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate project documentation, including project plans, schedules, budgets, and status reports. Prepare and present project updates to senior management and stakeholders, highlighting achievements, challenges, and recommendations for improvement.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as Audiovisual Technology, Engineering, or Project Management. A relevant combination of education and experience will also be considered.
  • Proven experience in managing complex AV projects, including design, installation, and integration of AV systems.
  • Strong knowledge of AV technologies, equipment, and industry standards.
  • Excellent project management skills, with the ability to plan, organize, and execute multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strong leadership and team management abilities, with a focus on fostering collaboration and achieving project goals.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively engage and influence stakeholders at various levels.
  • Detail-oriented mindset with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Proficiency in project management software, and collaboration tools

Join our dynamic team and lead the successful delivery of innovative AV programs. Apply your expertise as an AV Program Manager and contribute to creating cutting-edge audiovisual experiences for our clients.

We invite talented individuals who are seeking new opportunities to send their CVs to akshata@onlineinstruments.co.in. We value your skills and experience, and we look forward to reviewing your application.
Join our team and be part of a rewarding and fulfilling work environment.